Madeira island

Discover one of the destinations in the northern hemisphere with the most diverse offer: city and countryside, sea and mountain 

Hiking to Pico Ruivo

Go on a moderate difficulty 2,8 km trail (1.30 hours) from Achada do Teixeira up to the island’s highest peak, Pico Ruivo (1862 m). If you are not a hiking lover, then Pico do Arieiro is the alternative to reach by car.

Monte sledge ride

After visiting palaces, gardens, and tea houses enjoy a very special form of transport. A 2km descent inside a basket car driven by two men (“Carreiros”). They’ll use their boots as brakes and you’ll never forget this ride.

Madeira Snapshot

Language: Portuguese
Currency: Euro
Emergencies: Dial 112
Timezone: GMT
Visas: Up to 90 days with a valid passport; Schengen rules apply
Driving: On the right
Electricity: Electrical plugs have two round prongs. Current is 230v/50 cycles. British visitors will require an adapter.

Levadas walking paths

Levadas are narrow canals built to transport water from the north to the arid south. They provide an extensive network of walking paths. These routes have different difficulty grades. Some paths are moist so you should carry non-slip footwear.

Weather in Madeira

Air temperature:
Little variation throughout the year
August (summer) average is 22ºC
February average is  16 °C

Rainfall is greater on the northern coast than on the southern coast and increases with altitude
Wettest months: October to March

Fogs are rare below 500m of altitude but very frequent above 600m (about 250 days)

Sea water temperature:
Ranges from 17ºC in March and 22ºC in August and September.

Traditional Santana houses

Head to Santana to visit some houses preserved like those of the first settlers. Take this opportunity to learn more about the island’s history and to buy local products

Airport <-> Funchal

SAM Aerobus
Single Ticket: 5,00€
30 minutes to center
50 minutes to West Funchal
Buy tickets on board the bus

Private transfer to hotel
From 8€/person.

15 to 20 minutes to Funchal
A ride costs around 25€

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